because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest.

18. července 2017 v 17:14 | V✧*・ |  chanel
first things first, exo. comeback. the war. rozhodně tomu plánuju věnovat celej článek, až si všechny písničky pořádně naposlouchám, ale vzhledem k tomu, že díky týhle squad jsem se nechala stáhnout od kholu, musím to zmínit už teď. zatím jsem celý album jen tak letmo proletěla a ani o jedné písničce nemůžu říct, že by se mi nelíbila. a to se v mým případě často nestává, s exem už vůbec ne. i'll shut up now. co se totohle článku týče, basically, jeden večer se mi povedlo nafotit hromadu estetickejch fotek, byly luxus mraky. přemýšlela jsem, kam to nacpat, tak mě napadlo sdílet s váma tenhle můj superestetickej playlist. ne, že by ty texty byly zrovna pro mě nějak relatable, ale jednoduše, aj lajk, nothing more.
❝ for some reason, sometimes, suddenly, i keep thinking these days, how happy i am... just like the sky is high and the wind is cold, like the ocean is wide and blue... ❞

❝ i'm breathing in, and breaking down, i feel my time is running out, the fire in my heart will burn me to the ground. i did my part, i tried my best, the things I'm fighting to protect always shatter into pieces in the end. ❞

❝ because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest. even in the far future, never forget the you of right now. wherever you are right now, you're just taking a break. don't give up. ❞

❝ like a child who has grown up, like a tree that is left alone. look at someone's world that is exhausted with loneliness. they wanted it so bad but they couldn't find it. look at the hidden scars of the ones who were pushed away. ❞

❝ dont think of anything, dont say anything, not even a word. just give me a smile, i still can't believe it, all of this seems like a dream, don't try to disappear. ❞

❝ and i hope im just one of the many people in your life that comes and goes, i hope that as the tears and cherry blossoms fall, there will be new life sprouting from them and i hope our memories are short and beautiful. ❞

❝ i rather wish that you were having a rougher time, i want you to think of me. because it's hard, i want to be okay too... i want to tell you that i want to see you, now that you're gone, the habit of calling you, i live, unable to erase it. because of you. ❞

❝ you know it all, you're my best friend, the morning will come again. because no darkness, no season can last forever. cherry blossoms are blooming, the winter is ending, if i wait a little longer, if i stay up a few more nights, i'll go see you. ❞

❝ at some point, it seemed like you were crying even when you were smiling, you couldn't love me with a peaceful heart and you longed for me as you remembered the memories. i want to hold onto you and ask you not to leave, i know i can't turn back a promise that I've already broken. ❞

❝ lets only walk on flower trails, i cant say that. lets only see good things, i cant say that either. saying that there will only be good things from now on, saying that you wont get hurt, i cant say that, i cant lie like that... so thanks, believing in someone like me, dealing with these tears and wounds. so thanks, for becoming my light, for becoming the flower in the most beautiful moment in life. ❞

❝ i've been reading books of old, the legends and the myths. the testaments they told, the moon and its eclipse. and superman unrolls a suit before he lifts, but im not the kind of person that it fits. ❞

forever we are young, under the flower petals raining down, i run, so lost in this maze. even when i fall and hurt myself, i keep running toward my dream. ❞


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